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Lightbulb Jennifer Garner Gets It!

JENNIFER GARNER GETS IT!! "Hey, Jennifer is getting into her car now", said Stacy to her friend Sarah. "Great, I'll meet you outside of Hollywood Nails in 20 minutes", Sarah replied". Stacy was "ALIAS" star Jennifer Garner's assistant. She got an internship to work on a set and learn how television shows are made. However, she dropped out of school to be Jennifer's personal assistant. She was already a huge fan of Jennifer's before they met. Anyway, Stacy's roommate Sarah has a HUUUUUUUUUUGE foot fetish. She especially likes big female feet. She has wanted to get close to Jennifer Garner's big bare feet for the longest time. Stacy decided to let Sarah know the next time Jennifer was going to get a pedicure so she could see her bare feet up close. Well, today would be Sarah's lucky day! On the way to Hollywood Nails, Sarah could barely breathe. Once she arrived, Stacy got out of her car and got into Sarah's. "Now look Sarah, luckily Jennifer doesn't know who you are! Just go in, get your pedicure, and leave. The chairs are right next to each other so you'll get a great view of her feet, but pleaase don't be too obvious"! Stacy went in first and sat by the magazines. 5 minutes later, Sarah walked in and went up to the counter. "I'd like a pedicure", Sarah told the lady at the counter. The lady started to lead Sarah into the back area where the pedicure chairs were. All of a sudden, loud laughter erupted from the back room. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, OH MY GOD THAT TICKLES", someone yelled. When Sarah entered the room, she realized it was Jennifer laughing. The lady who was giving her(Jennifer) a pedicure was scrubbing the bottoms of her big bare feet with a pumice stone. As the pumice stone went up and down her bare soles, Jennifer would laugh and scrunch her toes making what seemed like a million wrinkles on her soles. Watching this made Sarah almost faint. Not only was she getting a up-close view of Jennifer Garner's bare feet, but she was seeing her feet tickled(in a way). Stacy had told Sarah that Jennifer's feet were very ticklish, but she had no idea it was this bad! Sarah sat in her chair and removed her shoes and socks. Her feet were kind of big too, with long beautiful toes that were not painted. She wiggled her toes to let them get some air. The lady who was giving Jennifer a pedicure ran to the bathroom for a few minutes. Sarah and Jennifer sat alone in their chairs. "OH MY GOD, I'm sitting alone with Jennifer Garner", Sarah thought to herself. Sarah just kept looking down at Jennifer's feet. "Wow, you have very beautiful feet", Sarah said to Jennifer. "Thanks, I get a pedicure every two weeks. I want my feet to stay soft and nice looking. I never know when I might have a scene when I'm barefoot. My feet are already big, I don't want them to be big and hideous", Jennifer replied. "Hey, your feet are pretty nice too", Jennifer added. "Thanks! Hey aren't you Jennifer Garner from that show "ALIAS"? Sarah asked. "Yeah, are you a fan of the show?" Jennifer asked. "I'm a fan of anything that you do, I love your work"! Sarah replied. "My name is Sarah"! she added. "Nice to meet you Sarah", Jennifer replied. "I noticed you have some very ticklish tootsies over there", Sarah said. "You have no idea, I go through this everytime I get a pedicure. I'ts like any touch on the bottoms of my feet sends tingly sensations all over my body and I can't stop laughing", Jennifer replied. "Actually, my feet are the same way. I once broke my boyfriends nose by kicking him in the face when he tried to tickle my feet", Sarah told her. "HMMMM, so their really bad huh"? Jennifer asked. "Put your feet up here in my lap". Jennifer added. "If you can stand my tickling for at least a minute, I will take you out to lunch with me after this, deal"? Jennifer asked. "Oh my god, Jennifer Garner is about to touch my feet"! Sarah thought to herself. Sarah loved to tickle, but she also loved to BE tickled. And to be tickled by Jennifer Garner is just to good to be true. Sarah didn't care if she won or not. "Okay, I'm going to give you a word to say when you just can't take it anymore. Say the word "ALIAS" when it's too much for you"! Jennifer told her. With that, Jennifer began to run one fingernail back and forth across the bottoms of Sarah's toes. Sarah screeched and tried to scrunch her toes. It didn't help though, Jennifer started running her nails in between her long toes. "Oh my god, not between my toes", Sarah screamed. "You can say the word anytime Sarah", Jennifer laughed. Then she grabbed Sarah's toes and held them back. With her other hand she went to work on Sarah's soft bare arches. "KOOTCHY KOOTCHY KOO, ARE YOUR FEET TICKLISH? Jennifer laughed. "YEEEEESSSSS, MY FEET ARE TICKLISH", Sarah screamed. Sarah laughed and laughed and covered her face with her hands. Finally a minute passed and Jennifer stopped tickling. A minute after that, Sarah was still laughing. "Well, I guess we have a lunch date Sarah", Jennifer smiled. "Wow, that was torture, do you think you could've handled that"? Sarah asked. "NOOO WAY, I would die"! Jennifer replied. All of a sudden, Sarah grabbed Jennifers ankles and held them tightly. "OH MY GOD, PLEASE DON'T DO THIS! DON'T TICKLE MY FEET"! Jennifer screamed. "Oh just a little, it will be fine. Just say "ALIAS" when you can't handle anymore. Then Sarah started to run her soft fingertips up and down the soles of Jennifers feet. Jennifer screamed and screamed. Sarah felt like she was in heaven. Jennifers bare feet were so soft and sensitive. Sarah started to tease the balls of her feet with one finger. "TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE! Does it tickle Jennifer? Sarah asked. "YEEEESSS, SARAH PLEASE STOP! I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE, IT TICKLES SO MUCH"! Jennifer screamed. She threw her head back and forth while she laughed hysterically. Sarah was completely enjoying herself. She raked her fingers up and down Jennifers bare arches. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA, STOOOOP TICKLING MY FEET. THEY'RE TOO TICKLISH", Jennifer screamed. Jennifer was going crazy, she thought she would go insane in just a few seconds. "HMMM, I have an idea. Then Sarah grabbed brought Jennifers bare soles closer to her face and started to lick the bottoms of Jennifers toes. Jennifer laughed and laughed. Sarah brought her nose right in front of Jennifers soles and inhaled the aroma of her feet. They had the perfect foot smell. Not fresh, but not quite smelly. Then Sarah snaked her tongue in and out between Jennifers toes. Then she took her teeth and nibbled up and down the bottoms of Jennifer's feet. "NOOOOOO, DON'T DO THAT. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!" Jennifer laughed. Just when it seemed Jennifer would pass out, Sarah stopped. Jennifer sat there for a few minutes trying to catch her breath. "You are so wrong for that", Jennifer said smiling. "Hey, you could've said "ALIAS" anytime"! Sarah said winking.
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Best Sotry Ever!
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Great story.
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Old 03-24-2005, 07:16 PM   #4
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that story was SO COOL!
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Old 03-29-2005, 07:48 AM   #5
It Tickles
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great story!
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Old 04-02-2005, 09:09 AM   #6
Preying on the ticklish


Great story.

One minor suggestion to make it even better, might I suggest the use of paragraphs? Good work!

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those are some fabulous looking soles.
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Old 11-21-2005, 06:34 PM   #8
Dr. Eastmann
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Excellent story mein freund. You really captured Jennifer in more ways than one. I hope to read more from you.
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garner, jennifer

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